Plan de mejoramiento grado undécimo 2018

SECRETARIA DE EDUCACION DE BOGOTA D.C. COLEGIO CARLOS ALBAN HOLGUIN INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA DISTRITAL Resolución Oficial N° 8879 de Dic. 7 de 2001 de Secretaría de Educación de Bogotá D.C. En sus niveles Preescolar, Básica Primaria, Básica Secundaria y Media Dane 111000102902 11° ELEVENTH GRADE FIRST TERM

     Hilo conductor:
How can I get alone with others?
How can I learn to communicate about facts which involve and interest me such us health, sustainability, democracy and globalization?
      Tópico generativos:
Could you build your own future?
 Do I know which career I will choose?
 Is it important to be prepared for my future?

Los estudiantes de grado undécimo que no hayan alcanzado mínimo un desempeño básico (3.0) en primer y/o segundo periodo en inglés realizarán las siguientes actividades:
Si perdió Inglés entre 1.0 y 1.9 o no tiene nota en ningún periodo, debe presentar y sustentar la totalidad de las actividades sugeridas.  (a, b, c, y d)
Si perdió entre 2.0 y 2.9 en sólo 1 periodo presentará la actividad a. y una actividad más de su preferencia, es decir 2 actividades en total.  
Si perdió entre 2.0 y 2.9 en primer y segundo periodo presentará la actividad a. y dos actividades más de su preferencia, es decir 3 actividades en total.
a) Un video en donde el estudiante responda las siguientes preguntas:

1. How often do you think about your future?
2. Do you want to travel a lot?
3. Do you want to be famous?
4. What are your dreams for the future?
5. What do you need to do to make your dreams come true?
6. What are you going to study?
7. What´s your dream job?
8. What will happen if you don’t get good results in ICFES test?
9. If you don’t go to university, what will you do?’

b) La presentación grupal o individual de una canción APRENDIDA en inglés que será interpretada a sus compañeros de clase.

c) Lea el texto trascríbalo y desarrolle los ejercicios para presentar y sustentar.

Good afternoon everybody, I’m Linda Rodriguez. I’m really happy to be here at your school today to talk about teen dreams and ambitions. I know you all have a lot of plans and dreams, but you also have a lot of questions about your future. We all have to have dreams and ambitions, set goals and implement plans. If we don’t have goals, it’s very difficult to achieve our dreams.
Your dream could be to be a movie star or an accountant. That dream doesn’t say much, does it? That’s the role of setting goals. When do you want to be an accountant? How are you going to achieve that? You need to write a clear plan with specific dates and more details.
Next, turn your dream into a set of smaller goals. Then set specific dates like, what you will have achieved in six months. Let’s say you dream of being a musician, then your goals could be training, networking, getting an agent, etc.
Right... Once you have set your goals, attitude is also important. Your talents and skills alone won’t take you places, but the right attitude will. Work on your attitude; be nice, pleasant and open to suggestions by others. The ‘I CAN’ attitude always wins in the end. If you don’t believe you can, you really won´t reach your goals.
Number three: Don’t change your plan. This means continue with your plan even if you face problems on the way. Try to keep to your plan as much as you can. Make your plan better every time you get a piece of advice or a useful tip. Finally, keep believing in your dream. Most teen dreams and ambitions come true when teenagers believe they can succeed. Thank you. 

1. An expert is telling teenagers how to set goals. Put the topics in the order you read them. 
 Don’t change your plan.   ___
 Believe in your dreams.   ___
 Set goals.                         ___
 Have a positive attitude.  ___

2.  Read again. What do these sentences and phrases mean? 
Turn your dream into a set of smaller goals 
 … even if you face problems along the way
 Try to keep to your plan as much as you can.

3.  Answer these questions. 
  What’s the ‘I CAN’ attitude? 
  Do you have a life plan? Describe your goals. 
  What problems could you face in your life plan?

4. Plan the career you want to study.  Make your plan in a cardboard.

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